Custom Rechargeable Battery Design

Designing for Success

Acting as an extension of your design and product development team, Rosslare's Chicago based team of industry experts save you time and money by resolving design challenges crucial for your product's success. Moreover, we pride ourselves on solving problems you didn't even know existed.

Since its inception, the company has designed and developed several hundred custom rechargeable battery packs and chargers for the Medical, Telematic, Communications, Motorized Power, Electronic Devices, and Portable Computer markets on an ODM basis.

Solving Complex Design Challenges

The key point of good design is to synthesize the demands of both the customer and the market. In the Rechargeables industry. These demands can require little to zero design tolerance as well as varying complexity for market specific certification agencies and standardized certification (e.g. UNDOT).

This is where Rosslare's design team comes in. Employing 38 years of market experience, in-depth, accumulated battery knowledge, and unparalleled innovation capabilities, Rosslare's engineers design successfully for “nearly impossible” demands.

We handle projects where one small requirement change can cause a failure in another, and we successfully complete all project phases (manufacturing, testing, certification, and shipment) to fit our customers' unique design and production requirements.

All essential design features such as shape, size, plastic wall thickness, battery separation and insulation, operation requirements (such as locks so that a battery cannot be dislodged), running temperature, capacity, discharge and charge characteristics are handled to meet our customer's exact product specifications and needs.

Custom Design Process

From concept to production, Rosslare's design center team facilitates the development of custom portable and rechargeable products.

Rosslare's engineering team is responsible for managing all phases of battery pack and charger circuitry and mechanical design including:
  • 2D and 3D mechanical design using advanced solid modeling systems and tooling design.
  • Electrical and electronic design
  • Multi-layer PCB layout
  • Software design
  • Prototypes for Design Verification (DV) to test and conclude which production process method is best

Our expertise covers a broad range of battery technologies including;
Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, NiMh and varies by form factors and capacity levels.

For full turnkey solution services, Rosslare (REL) provides our North American engineering team with the following complementary services and support:
  • Applications Engineering
  • Battery Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Battery Testing
  • Project Management
  • Qualification Testing
  • Agency Approvals (UL, CuL, CE, FCC, and others)


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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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