Powering Portable Consumer Electronics

The continual advancement in modern consumer electronics technologies gives rise to thinner and lighter portable devices with robust features and extended battery life, at a flexible price range. To realize new product trends, engineers must provide new and innovative solutions to meet complex design challenges and fully integrate rechargeable battery power. On their part, manufacturers must meet consumer demands for high volume and low costs at rapid time to market.

Price-Competitive, Large-Scale Manufacturing at Quick Time to Market
A veteran provider of cost effective battery and charging solutions, Rosslare has supplied the consumer electronics market with over 500 different pioneering products.

The company's achievement as a major player for some of the industry's leading battery brands — such as Energizer Holdings, Inc. is due to its Chinese-based manufacturing facility's highly integrated, strong process controls for serving large volume productions at quick time to market.

Product innovation including patented designs, combined with the ability to create unique and custom solutions, has made Rosslare the supplier of choice and a leading provider of quality and reliable battery packs for the consumer electronics expanding market.

Backed by global, real-time, local design and commercial support and strategic sourcing with top industry components vendors, Rosslare can accommodate all product specifications, as well as all safety and agency requirements, at a competitive cost advantage.

Rosslare has successfully served the consumer market in the following areas:
  • Digital cameras
  • Video camcorder products
  • Portable satellite radio devices
  • Personal GPS products for navigation and sporting


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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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