Executive and Leadership

Jim Byerly
Rosslare America Inc. (RAI)

Jim is Founder and President of RAI, an affiliate of Rosslare Enterprises since 1992. Today, Rosslare has three facilities in North America. From 1977 to 1986, Jim held executive management positions in the General Electric Battery Business Division. From 1986 to 1992, he was a Director at the International Components Corporation. Within each of these companies he led product management, marketing, strategic planning and international sales. During his tenure, Jim focused on increasing market growth by expanding the use of Lithium, Lithium Ion, Nickel, Lead, and other battery chemistries in a broad range of high growth applications. Jim holds a BS in Economics from the University of La Verne and a MBA from California State University, Fullerton.

Yaacov Ozer
Chairman & Founder
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Mr. Ozer's management and leadership has been instrumental in the creation of Rosslare, its global expansion, and reputation for providing products and services to a network of over 200 clients worldwide. His leadership remains key to many of the company's innovative product strategies and high quality assurance. He is currently focusing on the development of Rosslare's global market.

Jay Smith
Vice President
Rosslare America Inc. (RAI)

Jay has been in the rechargeable battery business with RAI since 1996. Soon after he joined RAI, Jay established a Sales and MARCOM office in Dallas, which has become a strategic channel network operation for both RAI and Rosslare's Security Products Division. Prior to 1996, Jay held executive management positions at Code Alarm, Inc., including its subsidiaries, and CellStar Corporation. At these companies, Jay held positions as Regional Director, Executive Vice President, and General Manager. At RAI, Jay's prime responsibilities are product/concept development, marketing programs, sales and general management. Jay attended the University of Texas, Arlington and Stephen F Austin

Kerry Dulin
North American Product Development Center (NAPDC)
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Kerry serves as Director of Rosslare's North American Product Development Center. He has been in the battery charger and battery business since 1979. Kerry joined Rosslare in 1996 following the sale of Powerpath Microproducts, a company he co-founded, to Rosslare. Kerry previously held the positions of Design Engineer, Technical Marketing, and Product Management at International Components Corporation. Since 1979, he has worked exclusively with factories in Asia. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University.

Joe LeKostaj
Engineering manager
North American Product Development Center (NAPDC)
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Joe is the Engineering Manager at Rosslare's Chicago office. He has over 25 years of experience in electronics design and project management. Prior to joining Rosslare in 1996, Joe co-founded Powerpath Microproducts. He previously worked for Motorola Inc. as a lead electrical engineer and for International Components Corporation as an applications engineer. Joe holds a BSEE from Northwestern University.

Ilan Ozer
VP Global OEM Sales Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Ilan has been active in Rosslare since its inception. Ilan brings vast knowledge and experience in the daily operations of the company. He currently sits on the Board of Directors and fills the position of VP Global OEM Sales where he is directly responsible for the continued growth of Rosslare's image as a world-class manufacturer of products and technology. Ilan holds a BSEE from Drexel University.

Flora Zipora Ozer
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Zipora is Rosslare’s Operations Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. During the initial 25 years of Rosslare's operations, Mrs. Ozer was directly involved in the company's daily operations.

Alex Tam
Product Manager Rechargable Solutions
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Heading the Rosslare Asian sales and marketing operations for the rechargeable division, Alex services many international brands. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he excels in delivering rechargeable product development solutions for this fast moving market. As an industry expert, Alex has a proven success record in providing custom solutions to ODM/OEM clients by expertly matching their requirements. One of Alex's focused activities has been the introduction of Rosslare's multi-way chargers and battery packs. He maintains strong relationships with all component cell manufacturers and is an expert in determining the best cells combination for a wide range of rechargeable applications. Prior to Rosslare, Alex worked in sales for Matsushita Battery, Matsushita Electric Works & for the Optrex products division. He holds a higher diploma in Electrical Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnics University.

Yuval Ozer
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd.

Yuval has been active with Rosslare since its inception. Yuval brings vast knowledge and experience in the company's daily operations. He managed Rosslare's manufacturing facility in Shenzen. Today, Yuval is active in Rosslare's Corporate Operations and manages the daily operations in Rosslare's Sales, Marketing and R&D departments in the Israel office. Yuval holds a BSEE and MBA from Drexel University.


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