Rechargeable Solutions - Manufacturing

Setting industry standards for quality and performance, Rosslare develops and delivers custom-designed battery packs that reduce complications, costs, and time, to bring products to market.

Rosslare’s wholly owned 105,000 sq ft state of the art manufacturing facility (RESL) at Shenzhen China provides rechargeable battery and charger production for a variety of markets from Medical to Telematic, Communications, Motorized Power, Specialized Electronic Devices, Portable Computer and Consumer markets on an ODM basis.

Through our optimized manufacturing processes, strategic partnerships with top tier cell, IC and plastic manufacturers, as well as methodical testing procedures - we accurately meet our customer's most demanding product performance and requirements.

With many awards for product design and quality, Rosslare's production facility has repeatedly proven its flexibility in providing a wide variety of application needs and high integration capacity for maximum cost and quality control.

To facilitate the latest battery and charger technology the company's manufacture facility is ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, and 13485:2003+ AC:2009 certified.

Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Rosslare specializes in product solutions that deliver, high-performance, reliable rechargeable power for turnkey solutions. The company is renowned for its capabilities in producing battery packs and chargers for different variety cell type, size and package.

We accommodate any volume scale, with quick turnaround delivery times for challenging quantities of over 20,000 components. To meet the most challenging request, our production capacity is 1 million battery packs per month with an extremely low defect rates.

From custom design to all post-production phases i.e. inspection and testing, agency certification and packaging, to final delivery; our comprehensive one-stop shop facilities enables maximum process control.

From Manufacture, Testing to Final Delivery

The manufacturing process begins with two pre-production stages:
  • Production of a small preliminary batch for testing, verification, development, design validation & validation of manufacture ability, testing, quality process and standardization
  • Production begins only after all pre-production processes have been completed to assess the manufacturing, testing, and quality processes as designed during the ESB (Engineering Sample Build) stage.

To guarantee that our customer's product functionality and performance are as promised, Rosslare employs comprehensive audit and testing processes for all cells and battery pack components; throughout the entire procurement and production process.

Our capabilities include:
  • PCM Design, Development and Production
  • Plastic part injection molding and tooling
  • Complete Electronics Design
  • Metal part die cutting and stamping /stamping & forming
  • PCB & electronic assembly using SMT and reflow technologies
  • Insertion-wave soldering production
  • Assembly, printing and packaging
  • Reliable Ultrasonic Welding and Soldering
  • In-House Testing, Cycling and Inspection

Rosslare's ODM clients enjoy complete stocking and delivery facilities for finished goods that accommodate even the most demanding logistic requirements including emergency stocks, drop shipments and special requests to ramp-up and down on demand.


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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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