Medical Electronics Requires Advancement in Batteries

Reliable, Technology Driven Battery Solutions for Portable Healthcare

The wide range of technological advancements in Medical Electronics has created rapid improvement in health care today. Market leading medical electronic devices are allowing patients to achieve greater mobility, heal at a faster rate, and in general provide patients with a more normalized healing routine and an improved quality of life.

Rosslare, a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of rechargeable batteries, is committed to providing our clients with the bestinclass solution for medical devices. Rosslare’s product design team works closely with each client to understand their product purpose and dream. We then deliver a product concept, pricing structure, time-line and final product to ensure market success.

Rosslare – the Right Prescription Every Time

Rosslare’s Shenzhen, China manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 certified for medical product manufacturing. Our engineering team provides market leading solutions that meet all safety and agency requirements, as demanded by the client or regulatory body. Localized Sales personel support the supply chain organization with all their requirements.

Our batteries are in:

- Monitors: Glucose, Cardiac, blood pressure and other items
- Pumps and Syringes: All types
- Bone growth healing devices
- Medical communications equipment
- Therapeutic devices
- Others

Safety First and Last

Safety is a prime concern when developing and providing products for all markets. However, given the length of time to achieve federal and safety agency approvals for medical devices; Rosslare focuses to the extreme to satisfy the client with a final product exceeding all expectation. Rosslare has an impeccable safety record, and will maintain this for all future products.

Medical Industry standards

Rosslare Rechargeables is able to design, test, and certify each battery pack to comply with the following industry standards:
  • UL13485 and UL60601 compliance
  • Design History Files (DHF) and Device History Records (DHR) for FDA approval
  • Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for design process risk mitigation
  • Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) for manufacturing process risk mitigation
  • Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and quality assurance checklists


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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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