Powering Motorized Devices

Rapidly Advancing Power Choices for Motorized Devices

Rechargeable battery powered motorized devices have been around for over 100 years. Advancements from the early Lead Acid technologies to Nickel Cadmium in the 70’s, Nickel Metal Hydride in the 80’s, Lithium Ion (LiION) in the late 90’s to the specifically designed variations of LiION electro chemistries available today have created and are revolutionizing entire industries. There are many choices to make in the electro chemistry and battery design, when considering how to achieve ultra-high rate current delivery, fast recharge times, exceptional cycle life, low product cost and world class safety.

The Automotive industry is transitioning from fossil fuel to hybrid at a rapid pace. The end point being 100% battery powered vehicles that are fully functional and without sacrifice to operator convenience or overall performance. Other people movement methods are doing a rethink. Personal commuting by bicycle is in process of removing pedals and adding battery power. Urban commercial delivery is transitioning from the use of walking shoes to the use of the Segway. Power tools of today work better in many cases by removing the cord.

The environmental benefits, low cost, improved performance and other functions provided by battery power is driving this change. A change that will not be ignored and Rosslare is ready today to help.

Rosslare has a long history of providing design expertise needed in selecting the best battery and charger options. We then manage the product development to completion of a turn-key solution having full safety agency approval. Our Chicago based design engineering team works direct with your product team to minimize the development cost and to create the best suited power solution. All of this is done while meeting a schedule consistent with your demands and maintaining the lowest NRE cost in the industry.

Rosslare’s wholly owned Shenzhen China based manufacturing facility (RESL) is a highly integrated large scale operation having strategic sourcing and local proximity to many of the leading contract manufacturing companies. Our factory operates to the highest industry standards for rechargeable products. Rosslare meets or exceeds all recognized worldwide safety agency requirements. RESL is ISO 9001:2002, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 13485:2010 approved.


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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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