Powering Portable Electronics

Portable computing has quickly progressed from laptops, to notebooks to tablet sized and smaller devices. The power however has continued to grow as the devices downsize but operate with greater capabilities. The power solution has been accommodated by rapid advancement in LiION technologies; the latest focus being made on Lithium Polymer (LiPO) products that allow for lower profiles and custom cell sizes to suit the unique product benefits designed by a host of leading computing companies. All of this sounds simple, but in reality these types of technology advancements have created unique issues that demand more from the design of the battery. These designs require a greater depth in mechanical layout to accommodate cell changes over the life of the product, safety, cost/benefit analysis. Rosslares expertise in these areas allows for our clients to focus on their core competencies and focus their time on review of the final options we can provide to suit their demand.

To maximize on market opportunities and remain competitive, device manufacturers need to adapt their hardware designs so that buyers can get the full benefits of each technology, while keeping their non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs to a minimum.

Overcoming Design and Production Barriers
Specializing in the development and production of high technology primary and rechargeable battery packs and chargers, Rosslare's Chinese-based ISO 9001:2002 certified manufacturing facility has a history of utilizing highly integrated, strong process controls to accommodate the portable electronics market.

From custom cell and battery designs to full scale production, testing, and agency approvals we provide complete turnkey solutions that meet our customers most complex product requirements.

Employing 38 years of market experience, in-depth, accumulated battery knowledge, and unparalleled innovation capabilities, Rosslare's engineers help develop and design low profile, high capacity computer devices that meet customer requirements for “nearly impossible” demands. Overcoming these difficult design challenges repeatedly, has won Rosslare its excellent reputation for highly reliable, creative and cost-effective technology solutions, enhanced by responsive local engineering and commercial grade support.

With its wholly-owned manufacturing facility, strategic sourcing, and in depth application support, focused on providing the best value alternatives, Rosslare helps its customers control costs and complete the project at minimum NRE.

Our portable product range includes
- Gaming computers
- Touch panels/controllers
- Handheld computers
- Rugged specialty computers

Comprehensive Testing and Agency Compliance Support
The ongoing safety issue with Li-ion computer batteries is a major concern for portable computer manufacturers' world-side.

With a perfect safety record Rosslare employs state-of-the-art product engineering with strict control practices and testing procedures throughout the entire procurement and production stages. Moreover, to guarantee best quality, we partner with strategic top industry Li-ion cell manufactures.

Local sales offices provide additional real-time design and commercial support for all needed testing and agency safety requirements, including UL 2054, UL60601, and IEC62133.


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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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