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When you think of mobile power, it must be Rosslare.
In over three decades, Rosslare has won the confidence of many of the leading manufacturers for its combination of innovation, safety and reliability in the provision of mobile power solutions.

High-Performance Battery Packs & Chargers
Rosslare specializes in the high-performance lithium-based battery technologies for demanding portable products. Since our founding in 1985, Rosslare's offering range has expanded from a full line of standard rechargeable battery packs, battery chargers and accessories such as hands-free kits, to custom rechargeable battery pack solutions for OEMs and ODMs.

With extensive proficiency and battery know-how, we provide the latest in cell chemistries, fuel gauging and smart battery technologies. For every product, we select the right cell technology, followed by methodical design and implementation of safety and performance requirements unique chemistry demands.

Custom Technology for Market Solutions
From medical to motorized Rosslare provides custom-tailored design and production solutions to contract manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs. Products range from injection and infusion pumps, and blood pressure monitors, to cordless phones, portable computers, digital cameras and many other portable electronics and communication devices.

Models are available in NiCd, NiMH, Lithium Ion, and Lithium Polymer technologies as single, complex or multi-cell battery packs and chargers:

Complex batteries
  • RS643 (computer): large battery with plastic case and wire/connector termination
  • RS619 (Commercial Control/Computer): Lithium Polymer having a metal/plastic combination case with pad contacts – a beautiful pack. Pack shows a low profile high capacity battery, with a unique metal/plastic enclosure to maintain the cell expansion that can be a significant issue with Lithium Polymer as the cell is in a foil pouch...
  • RS670 or RS629 (Medical) showing the plastic case and termination
  • RS657 (communication) slim battery with plastic and contacts, RS658 same battery with higher capacity (showing alternatives for higher run time.
  • RS637 (Telematics) (2x423443) Li-ion with plastic casing and pad contacts
  • 2 and 4 cell camcorder battery
  • Digital camera batteries

Multi-cell shrink batteries
  • RS685 (telematics) having 3 18650 cells with shrink wrap, wire leads and connector
  • RS680B (telematics) a 9 cell LiFeS2 (primary lithium battery) with shrink wrap, wire leads and a connector single cell
  • RS632 (telematics) single 103450 cell Li-ion with shrink wrap, wire leads and connector
  • RS669 (medical) single 18650 cell Li-ion with shrink wrap, wire leads and connector.
  • RS613 (telematics) single Li-ion cell with PVC sleeve

Complex chargers:
  • DCA39 (communications): dual pocket charger
  • DCA40 (communications): quad charger
  • charger (communications): Single or dual pocket

Smart Battery Power
Smart batteries came into use in 1995 as a response by the battery manufacturing industry to the problem of estimating the charge remaining in the battery. Today, they are found in many different settings, notably in portable computers and increasingly in medical devices.

Understanding and providing several types of smart batteries ranging from standard IC functions to custom designs is an integral part of Rosslare's history and success with leading clients in the industry. The company’s design department also pays careful attention to the communication link between the battery and the user, including the deployment of fuel gauges which indicate the amount of charge remaining.

Testing & Quality Assurance
With reliability and safety always in mind, all our battery packs feature charge control and are developed with electronic safety control, monitoring, and charge control circuitry.

Rosslare regularly qualifies as an approved vendor for specialty sourced cells by performing DOT and UL testing, in addition to cycling and reliability testing such as drop, shock, and ESD. We also provide rapid prototyping and tooling. This continual testing process provides another sound reason for companies needing battery solutions to opt for Rosslare.

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