Testing & Certification

One of the most critical components in the provision of power supply solutions is unquestionably the issues of safety and reliability. Proper testing throughout the entire procurement and production process both ensures compliance and guarantees the product works according to its intended design and performance requirements.

Rigorous Testing & Qualification
At Rosslare, the safety aspect of the products is an integral part of our business. To guarantee that our customer's product functionality and performance are as promised, Rosslare employs comprehensive audit and testing processes for all cells and battery pack components throughout the entire procurement and production processes.

For quality, cost-effective, and timely delivery, we partner with industry leading global brands such as including Sanyo, Panasonic, LG, Moli, and other international suppliers.

We audit our supplier’s factories for proper process control and manufacturing practices. Rosslare has stringent qualification tests on electrochemical cells before this important component can be used in a client’s battery product. Only cells that have been certified to pass the UL 1642 cell safety standard, and pass our internally developed standardized tests (that guarantee compliance with our customer's quality and certification goals), are approved.

Rosslare reviews all material choices with our clients, prior to making the final mutual decisions on what best suits the needs of the application and the client.

During production stages, Rosslare ensures all batteries are 100% tested.

  • ICT (In Circuit Test) - Tests the populated PCB prior to assembly
  • FCT (Final Circuit Test) - Tests the product during the assembly line to make sure that everything is working when the product has been partially assembled
  • FFT (Final Fitness Test) – Final test to ensure the product is functioning properly. This is moments before the product is placed into its final packaging.
At the final production stage, all our batteries are tested yet again to verify that all critical safety functions are operational.

Ensuring Quality Production via International Standards
Taking pride in its international reputation, Rosslare’s rechargeable manufacturing facilities and custom design products meet ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and 13485:2003+ AC:2009 certified quality manufacturing demands. Our Quality system (ISO9001), Environment system (ISO14001) and Medical Quality system (ISO13485) are TUV certified. Moreover, we test packs under simulated 'real world' conditions and UL standards to assure they will operate properly in the field.

Manufacturing standards and supported by Rosslare include the following:

Production International Standards
  • ISO 9001:2008 - Design and Manufacturing
  • IS0 14001:2004 - Environment
    • RoHS – EU Directive for Restriction of Hazardous Substances
    • WEEE – EU Directive for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • ISO 13485:2003 - Design and Manufacturing of battery for medical devices
  • IEEE 1725 – Standard for Rechargeable batteries for cellular telephone
  • IEEE 1625 – Standard for rechargeable batteries for portable computing

Accreditation Agencies for Lithium-based Battery Packs
UL1642 Li-Ion Cells
UL1989 Standby Batteries
UL2054 Household and Commercial Batteries
UN 38.3 (UN/DOT for Shipping Li batteries)
-- CE Mark /CB Certificate (tested to IEC 60950-1)
- PSE (Japan)
- IEC 62133

Quality Standards for PCBA
  • Military Standards
  • IPC610D-II, and III

Product Safety Standards
  • UL
  • UN-DOT
  • CE
  • FCC


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