Turnkey Portable Power Solutions for Diverse Applications

Rosslare is a leading provider of rechargeable battery solutions and battery charging systems used is a wide array of applications worldwide. Since 1985 the company has designed and developed well over 500 custom rechargeable battery packs and chargers for the Medical, Telematic, Communications, Motorized Power, Specialized Electronic Devices, Portable Computer and Consumer markets on an ODM basis.

Rosslare specializes in turnkey product solutions that deliver, high-performance, reliable rechargeable power using a wide range of electro-chemistries with focus on improved value lower costs, and rapid introduction to the market. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle all project phases of custom battery pack design. This turnkey process includes product development, manufacturing, testing, agency certification, and is completed with the shipment of market leading products to the client.

Rosslare has local sales offices, a Chicago-based engineering and product design center, and a large-scale manufacturing facility in China, operated by a world class management staff. The company is prepared to work with all clients on a local basis, as well as with their overseas supply chain team. Collectively, we provide a thorough and complete solution for portable power satisfying design, product, and complete client support.

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Rosslare Rechargeables provides complete turn-key solutions scaled to meet any specific order volume and product preformance requirement.





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